Writers Block Therapy
Check out this podcast. It includes a therapist who specifically deals with writers. The talk about writers block and analyzing it and getting through it. It really talks about exactly what I do and feel and its good to know that I am not the only one in my writing who does these kind of things.

http://johnaugust.com/podcast - check out podcast #99

Thesis statement
So I'm still lost on my big picture. I keep telling myself that i need an overall theme. something short and sweet that explains the whole purpose of the book. Good verses Evil, Coming of age, Power and corruption.

But in all honestly none of those really explain what i want. Sure it may explain a portion, or a piece but not the overall. So, I started thinking. I have 25 years of schooling. sadly i'm not over exaggerating. But, with all that school I have learned to write papers. And what do all papers start with? A thesis statement. So why not go with what I know!

So now I'm thinking of thesis sentences. What is a thesis statement though, what do I need to include in this thesis statement to make it work?

A thesis statement:
- tells you how the subject matter will be interpreted, conveyed (narration, maybe how/why?)
- it gives you the map of how the story is told (beginning middle and end basic stuff)
- it answers the question that is asked (damn now i have to think of a question...)

Example: "Through its contrasting river and shore scenes, Twain’s Huckleberry Finn suggests that to find the true expression of American democratic ideals, one must leave “civilized” society and go back to nature." - http://writingcenter.unc.edu/handouts/thesis-statements/

Doesn't that sound great. tells you where, a major point of interest, and what must happen in the book. Now if only I can think of one for my self. Ok, here's to writing.

Just remember, you can't go wrong. there is no one way to write a book. do it with a thesis statement, a theme, an outline, or all of the above. It doesn't matter just do what works.

Writing tip
As I read about writing a novel, to try and help with my own writes block, I have come across some good tips. So I figured I would share.

Start by creating a character. Make sure she surprises you. it is ok to not know everything about her from the beginning, but when you are trying to figure her out do a simple exercise: Ask the character "Tell me your secrets" Start the characters response with "I never told anyone...." and see what you get from her. Make sure you write it in her voice, because you may find more information out about her than you expected.

Next, make sure something interesting is happening in every scene. Of course this doesn't mean have a climax in every chapter, but make sure that what ever is happening it moves the story forward. For every chapter/scene write a one liner that describes the action/story. Line them up in order after you have them written out to make sure that there is a twist/action/forward propulsion through out the whole story.

Not only do you need to know your character, but you need to make them relate-able. You want the reader to care about the people they are following. Having a main point in the book such as death or war, won't matter if the death does not emotionally effect the reader, or the reader does not care that the war is happening. For the characters, the reader needs to feel like they can connect with the character in some way. don't make them so off the wall or unique that no one gets it. Give the character flaws and personality that you recognize in people around you.

Here is a tip of my own. When you are trying to create these characters think about your friends and family. Write down the different traits they have to give you a vocabulary and starting point. From there you can create a bases for each character. But remember a traits from one friend do not have to all be together in your character, mix and match. don't forget to include your own traits, this is where 'write what you know' can really come in handy.

Ex: Judgmental, pushy, peppy, depressed, giving, motherly, cautious, OCD, flirtatious, secretive, fake, outgoing/outspoken, knowledgeable, Protective, selfish, clingy/needy
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Has anyone else felt that researching for a book is more fun than actually writing it?

I have researched human evolution and created my own chart. I have written out a family tree that could span about 300-400 years back, with a short idea of the people on it. I spent time looking up common names in different regions to give my characters the correct surname. I've read more about blood than I can even remember.

Notebooks full of information and ideas that I've thought up. But how many chapters I have I written? well not notebooks, but not nothing. If only it were easier to write chapters than ideas.

but hers my reasoning - You have to know the history, the theory, the background of your world and characters before you can write them. How can you write the dialog of a person or describe how they walk or react to something when you don't know where they come from. How can you describe objects or things your characters interact with if you don't know what it is, how its created, or why its important in your world?

Are these valid reasons or just excuses? *sigh* One only knows how much research one needs until after she reaches the point of not needing any more.

Well, as I try to write my book I have to consider different ways to keep track of scenes and decide where they go and why. As non-writers would think, writing a book is easy. Honestly I think its more difficult than any other task I have been set. Oh I'm sure if I had been told the end game, the climax, and the big picture by some one else I could easily pour something out onto paper. But its different when you have to create all of the stuff yourself.

What I seem to have the biggest issue with is making my small scenes equal a big picture. Sure I have interesting stuff happening to my characters. chapter ideas that teach you about the world. Even little twists that will cause shock for the reader. But how does that work to make the story as a whole?

ahhhh!! I feel lost. I have something to say, things I think others would find interesting, but there is not final story, no big picture, no point!

Oh the frustration. well, I thought outlining would help. It did for some of it. a lot of my little stories now have a place, and I even created a few new chapter ideas. But still no point.

I wonder what my next step will be...


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